Like many classic mafia stories, ours started in Lincoln, Nebraska, with a group of seven buddies who, if we’re being honest, play an obscene amount of tennis and text too much for guys our age.

One night, over text, the Tennis Mafia moniker was born as a means to label the group discussion about our plans for USTA 4.0 league domination. Many nights later and again via text, we wondered if Tennis Mafia could grow into something bigger.

In our football-obsessed college town, we knew there were other hardcore players and fans like us looking to take tennis to the next level in the community. Would they be interested in reading our take on the game? Would people near and far want to become part of a network of like minded supporters who sponsor tennis clinics at public courts or organize parties to watch Grand Slam finals? Would women think our Tennis Mafia T-shirts are cute?

So far the answers to those questions have been “yes”, “yes” and “yes, super cute.” We hope you’ll agree on all accounts.

We’re full of ideas to bring our brand of wiseguy humor, unity and passion for the sport to the tennis community in Lincoln and beyond. And we have the text archives to prove it. We have GIFs, too … and puns. Lots of puns.

What we want more than anything is for you to get connected with the movement. Get mobbed up!