Welcome to the Tennis Mafia! And by “Mafia” we mean mob, of course.

Our mob is a community of tennis players, spectators and supporters united in causing a racket (see what we did there?) on and off the court. We’re an outlet for diehards devoted to providing play opportunities, fan experiences and buzz-worthy dialogue that strengthen our favorite sport. We’re an answer to anyone who ever accused tennis of being too exclusive, too complicated, too polite.

And we want you to get mobbed up with us! Here’s how:

Follow us on Twitter @Tennis_Mafia and join the discussion.
Like us on Facebook Tennis Mafia and share your mob story about how you’re promoting tennis in your community.
Don our apparel. Click on the Shop at the top of the page and order your Tennis Mafia apparel today.

With your support of the movement, we’ve got it made, man. (Also, we promise to work on the puns.)

The Tennis Mafia Mission

To engage the full spectrum of tennis supporters to promote grassroots participation and universal interest in our sport Uniting a community dedicated to creating more opportunities for tennis play, fandom and discourse.

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